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Our Chefs
Ralph is the driving culinary force and business owner behind the Tall Timber Barn. With a lifetime of business experience, he brings a blend of traditional and modern cooking techniques to the kitchen
Ralph believes in the power of simple yet flavorful dishes, where each ingredient has a role to play in the overall experience. He leads a dedicated team at Tall Timber Barn, and together they aim to provide not just a meal, but an enjoyable dining experience for every guest.
Vince, a combat veteran with years of service to his country, brings a unique blend of discipline, teamwork, and adaptability to his role as a chef at Tall Timber Barn. After transitioning from military service, Vince turned to the culinary arts as a new avenue for his passion and focus.
While his cooking incorporates a range of international influences, his approach is always in elevating simple ingredients to create bold, flavorful dishes. Whether he’s meticulously plating a dish or managing the fast-paced kitchen, Vince’s leadership skills and passion for cooking make him an invaluable asset to the culinary team.
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